Collaroy Dental is excited to introduce our Bright Smiles Bright Futures kids dental
worships into our local schools and early learning centres in Collaroy Plateau,
Wheeler Heights and Cromer. This is a fantastic educational program, designed to
teach kids how to maintain a healthy mouth and live a healthy life, in a fun and
interactive way!

The Bright Smiles Bright Futures local health initiative aims to equip kids with the
knowledge and skills they need to maintain healthy teeth, avoid complicated and
expensive procedures at the dentist and establish a positive attitude towards the
dentist for life! It has been fantastic to see the program being received so well by
both children and teachers in our local area.

Throughout the workshop, kids will be introduced to a group of superheros called the
Tooth Defenders who protect Plaque-city by fighting against the evil monster
Plaqulus. This storyline allows us to explain the process of dental decay and gum
inflammation, the importance of good oral hygiene and the methods we can use to
keep our mouth healthy.

Children will learn about what expect at their dental appointment. We touch on
common procedures such as counting their teeth, using a pink gel to reveal any
spots they’ve missed when brushing, cleaning their teeth with a range of yummy
toothpaste flavours and the process of fissure sealing molars for kids over 6 years
old. There are lots of opportunities for kids to ask questions and expand their dental

Our mission is to improve dental awareness amongst our younger generations and
shape their attitude towards the dentist in a positive light!

If you are a local school, preschool or early learning centre and you would like to get
involved in the Bright Smiles Bright Futures dental program, feel free to contact us
on [email protected]

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