Within reason, we love saving natural teeth as they enable you to eat, speak and chew with the most efficiency. No replacement options are currently as good, which is why root canal therapy can be such a valuable treatment option.


Saving teeth whenever possible

We understand that root canals have a bad reputation! But rest assured that modern dentistry has come a long way in making the process more comfortable, painless and successful in the long term. Our aim with root canal therapy is to save an infected tooth, which would otherwise need to be extracted. This may be required if a tooth has been heavily filled, severely broken down or has had previous trauma to it.

Ensuring the longevity of your teeth

Teeth that require root canal therapy have been compromised by cracks, dental decay or large fillings in the past. The procedure itself also involves removing the infected parts of the tooth, which inevitably makes it more brittle and prone to fracture. For these reasons we highly recommend placing a crown over a root canal treated tooth. A crown braces the tooth from chewing forces and improves its chances of long term survival.

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