While wisdom tooth extractions may not be pleasant, we aim to make the experience as painless and forgettable as possible.


Why remove wisdom teeth?

A large proportion of people don’t have enough space in their jaw bone for their wisdom teeth to erupt correctly. As a result, they may not fully emerge through the gum or they may grow at an incorrect angle and impact against the tooth in front them. Incorrectly positioned wisdom teeth are also difficult to clean. This often leads to food trapping and subsequent gum infections, decay, pain, swelling and damage to other teeth. For these reasons your dentist may recommend removal of wisdom teeth before serious dental issues arise.

Rest assured you’re in good hands

At Collaroy Dental we are equipped with the latest 3D x-ray technology to minimise the risks associated with wisdom teeth removal. We also offer a range of options to ensure you’re comfortable throughout the procedure, including oral sedation medication and happy gas (N-oxide). Our dentists will ensure you’re fully informed prior to the procedure and provide abundant information about your aftercare.

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