Research shows that poor dental attendance is linked to higher rates of decay and gum disease. Thankfully most dental diseases are preventable and are treatable when diagnosed early. That’s why we believe in educating patients fully about the causes of dental disease and how to maintain a healthy mouth.


Our comprehensive approach:

Before we look inside your mouth, we take a detailed medical and dental history and ascertain your dental needs and concerns. We then take the time to examine each tooth thoroughly, assess your gum health and take low dose x-rays if required to ensure you’re fully informed of your current dental condition.

Patient education:

Prevention is always better than cure. That’s why we aim to educate our patients on how to achieve and maintain good dental health. We take the time to explain the CAUSES of any dental problems you may have and importantly we explain HOW to avoid them reoccurring in the future.

Your personalised maintenance plan:

To ensure you stay on the right track we recommend regular maintenance visits every 3, 6 or 12 months depending on your level of risk. Some of our preventative services include cleaning, polishing, remineralisation techniques and oral hygiene education. To prevent injury to your teeth and jaws we can also provide custom fitted mouthguards and splints for protection during contact sport and tooth-grinding.

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