Our energetic team love treating kids and we have purpose built our premises to be comfortable, fun and distracting! They’ll be spoilt for choice with our ceiling mounted televisions in our consulting rooms as well as iPads, toys, goodie bags, prizes and adventurous toothpaste flavours!


Children’s check-ups

We recommend that your child visits the dentist by age 3. This first visit is designed to be interactive, informative and fun! Our goal is to begin shaping their attitude toward the dentist in a positive light and to establish good dental habits. During our kids dental check-ups we will:

  • Check for signs of cavities
  • Remove plaque and tartar from their teeth
  • Apply fluoride treatments if necessary
  • Demonstrate to you and your child how to brush and floss correctly
  • Check for missing or extra teeth
  • Check the bite is functional and jaws are developing correctly
  • Ensure they have clear and unobstructed breathing
  • Assess their speech and give advice on nutrition

Custom Mouthguards

Custom-fitted mouthguards significantly reduce the risk of damage to the teeth and surrounding soft tissues in the event of a sports injury. Our appliances are individually designed to fit your child’s mouth and fabricated in a laboratory according to the dentist’s instructions. Research shows that this type of mouthguard provides far superior protection to a store-bought mouthguard, giving you peace of mind as your child enjoys their sports.

Fissure Sealants

Children are prone to developing cavities in their back teeth because these teeth have deep grooves on their biting surface, make them more difficult to clean. To avoid cavities and premature loss of these teeth, we will often recommend a Fissure Sealant. This is a type of filling material placed over the fissures to seal the tooth and make it more cleansable. Sealants are useful if a child is particularly prone to tooth decay, or if they have particularly very deep fissures in their milk or adult teeth.

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